New Jersey Defensive Driving

Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course in New Jersey is certainly the simplest way to meet your Driver Education needs. It is indisputably the most effortless and efficient solution to taking the 6-hour class. Whether you’re looking for an insurance premium reduction or if you need to save your license from suspension by getting a couple of points removed.

Insurance Discount up to 10%

In New Jersey, you are guaranteed to receive a 5% discount on your liability, no-fault, and collision coverage after you take an approved online course. Some insurance providers offer a discount as large as 10%.
NJ Insurance DiscountThe steps to receiving you discount are simple.

1. Enroll in our course
2. Complete the course
3. Provide your insurance company a copy your completion certificate
4. That’s it! There is no step 4.

That’s all there is to it. Just complete the course and provide your insurance company with a copy. Many insurance carriers will request either an e-mail or fax of your certificate but some insurance companies may ask to see the original. Once they receive a copy of your certificate, you are guaranteed to receive an insurance discount for 3 years.

Point Reduction

NJ Point ReductionIn New Jersey, if you get 12 or more points on your license, your driving privileges will be suspended. To get 2 points removed from your license, complete our 6-hour class. We will notify the MVC that you have completed the course, and they will automatically remove 2 Points from your license. You can take the course once every 5 years for point removal benefits.

Affordability and Convenience

There are numerous benefits to taking the Defensive Driving Course online. For starters, our online course is less expensive than a classroom course. Most classroom providers charge anywhere from $50 to $75. Not only is our class far more affordable but you don’t even need to leave your home to take it.

Did we say you don’t need to leave your home? Well, it’s true. You can take the course from home, work, or wherever you get an internet connection. You also don’t need to take the course all at once. You’re a busy person and don’t have 6 free hours in a single day. It’s no problem. Our program allows you to sign in and out whenever you choose, and our state of the art program will remember where you left off.

Approved MVC Point & Insurance Reduction Program

MVC ApprovedHow can we guarantee that you will receive a Point and Insurance Reduction benefits for taking our online course? Our course is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). After you complete an approved defensive driving course in New Jersey, state law guarantees you will receive a car insurance discount and point reduction.